earth to ocean, Queensland, Australia

Marine & Coastal Environmental Resource Management

Our consulting firm earth to ocean, specialises in providing services to help you to solve marine and coastal environmental problems.


Reef and our environmentearth to ocean’s work is grounded in an understanding of the economic, social and environmental issues that affect the management process.  We work closely with your in-house expertise and local knowledge to ensure the best result.


fishing and our environment
* Photograph courtesy of the
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Our goal is to guide or implement a process that leads you to a result that is sustainable and self-managing.

We work in a way that is tailored to your requirements, your challenges, and your people.

This approach is reflected in all the projects, presentations and workshops that our staff has worked on.

The success of the work that earth to ocean staff has contributed to is reflected in a number of project and personal awards, and the expertise of Dr. Leanne Fernandes, Ph.D.